Someone’s in the KITCHEN with Dinah.

My best friend is remodeling her kitchen and she is having white cupboard and cobalt blue accents. Her redoing her kitchen has me really excited to look for ideas for my future kitchen!

I really like how crisp and clean this kitchen looks. I know yesterday I was talking about rustic but a clean kitchen is amazing. I would want orange instead of pink. I love the shelving above the sink. If there is no window that is a good alternate!
This kitchen is so appealing to the eye. The color coordinated plates bowls and cups is great. I like this kitchen a lot but I hate how dark it feels.  

This is the kitchen I have pinned for a very very long time. I love everything about it and wanting to go more rustic I could rough up the stools and maybe have an amazing butcher block counter!  My favorite by far!!  Do you guys have anymore ideas for kitchens!? Please let me know if you do? I love hearing your guys ideas. 

Until next time!


Knock knock knock on WOOD! – Amii Stewart

I have talked before about how I have really started liking more rustic/country/wooden things. I never ever in my life thought that I would like  it but I do!

I have been looking through Pinterest for any ideas that follow the rustic decor ideas! So so so many ideas!

Farm tables…WHAT? No I don’t want anything to do with a farm! Unless it is a freaking farm table! Look at how beautiful that is! For my family now I wouldn’t need a huge one like this but if I had a lot of room I would love a huge table like this!!   
I am not 100% sure if I have put this on here already but how easy would this be to do? Take a cheap mirror from Walmart and frame it with wide boards. This is very rustic but bet very sleek and clean looking! I have a mirror just waiting to turn into this!

  My dad has made a bunch of wooden picture frames before but nothing like these! I don’t have the wall space for them now but in a dining room later it would be beautiful!
If you guys have any other rustic ideas like these please let me know. 


My milkshake brings all the boys to the YARD. – Kelis

I told you yesterday that I would be posting some stuff for the outdoors on the next few blogs and I went through my outdoor board on Pinterest and these were some of my favorite that I found on my board.

I have always loved swinging and this swing set is amazing! It is very simple and bright! I love it! Most of my summers were spent on the swings!

These planters are so cool! They are painted with outdoor glow in the dark paint! These would be really neat lining your driveway or a patio! 

This bench is the only reason I want a tree! I don’t like trees because of the birds in them! I am terrified of birds!  Most winged things I don’t like! But this bench would be a great sitting area outside when watching my future kids and for the time being the only kid that matters! 

I have some big plans for my yard when I have a house. Let’s hope some of these ideas happen!

Until next time!

C A M P F I R E. S O N G SONG!! – SpongeBob

Tonight my family had a bon fire…well we attempted. It started to rain. The first time it has rained in 3 weeks. So I am happy but seriously I just wanted a hotdog! Lol 🍴

While I was sitting outside around our pit (for 20 minutes) I was thinking when I have my own house I totally want a fire pit! We have an Iowa Hawkeyes one which is cool but my parents are SUPER FANS! I am just a fan lol.

I decided I would go on Pinterest and check out what they have and as usual I was not disappointed! 

I like this first one because it looks simple to make and it would be cool to paint the outside of the bricks a different color!

This is the neatest one I could find! That is beautiful! I am 89% sure it would break but gosh it is awesome! 

I love having Bon fires and being outside so I will probably be posting some outdoor ideas now because I am really loving all of the outside ideas on Pinterest. 

Just to add in here today I spent a lot of money on something that isn’t so much a house thing.. Jakybs bike broke and so I may have bought him a new one….I have never heard a scream so loud and his hug cut off my air for a good 30 seconds….I wouldn’t have traded it for the world….seriously look at that smile!  

  This kid is my world! 

Until next time!

Everybody in the club, evacuate the dance FLOOR!

Today when I was at Kolettes house we started out the day with a walk! Awesome right!? Yeah then she had to work and run errands so I got to…..HANG OUT WITH JAKYB! When we hang out at their house we play the best garage sale find of all time! I found him a SUPER NINTENDO for wait for it $3!!! 

But as we were sitting on the hard floor him and I were talking. Wait I was sitting on the floor and he would alternate between my lap and siting on my shoulders. While I was having my bottom feeling like it was breaking sitting on thee hard wood floor I decided when I have my own house I am going to have giant floor pillows for this reason!

I had already pinned some ideas of floor pillows and the are the best ones I have found!

I like these because they look so sophisticated and grown up! Not sure if that’s what I am going for though!  

I think these are so cool! They are expensive and hard to make though…. 😑

These look super cool and are bright and a nice size for playing Mario!

I have found one amazing floor pillow that is more amazing than any I have seen! Are you ready!? 

Look at it!


I am going to need a huge floor but how amazingly perfect is this?  It is just right for Jakyb and I to play Mario and Kirby on!

I feel like it would be easy enough to make just have to figure out filling!

This will have to wait until I know I have a HUGE living room!

Until next time!

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play! Today! – John Fogerty

Today I was hanging out with my best friend and my son asked me if he could get on my iPad. I always let him because I spoil him.

When I got home and looked at my iPad he had left his window open….it was open to……Pinterest. I look at my boards and……. 

He had made up a board for his room when I get a house! What can I say kid is ready!

I am going to show you some of the things he pinned that someday could be a project!!

    J just got done with baseball and he already misses it so these ideas are clearly from that! Wrestling is coming up and he was a state qualifier for that!!! I will keep you guys posted on any other ideas Jakyb comes up with!

Until next time!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! -every singer who has had a Christmas album

Today J and I went to Shaun the Sheep. It was not that great…no dialogue so we ended up making up the conversations for them! It was pretty funny. I should mention we were the only ones in the theater. After we watched the movie we headed to the arcade and played Dance Dance Revolution! He was impressed with how amazing I was! I wasn’t good just better than him lol! Finally after the arcade we went to Hobby Lobby. I needed to get cord for necklaces that we have. They are awesome! As soon as we walk in what do we see?? 

Then we walked a little further and what do we see!??

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! AHHH my two favorite decoration times of the year!! Since I have seen these up I have come to the conclusion I can show you guys some of the fall and winter decor I want to start work on soon!

The first one is clearly fall! I think it is a little cheesy but it would work all fall and looks awfully cute!

These giant wooden candy corn look very easy to make and for some reason make me super happy! Easy fall project! YAY!  
  This next one is my favorite thing I’ve seen in awhile. It doubles for fall and winter! 
How cool are these!?!? I love them I have no talent like that so it will take some practice! 

These next two are things I’ve had pinned for awhile! The first are giant ornaments  made from the cheap balls you get at Walmart!  
The next one is a ornament garland it will be expensive but I love it! How cool is that!?  
We stopped at Walmart on our way home and had to pick up a……selfie stick! He’s asked for like a month for one!   He is the greatest! 

Until next time!!


You would not believe your eyesIf ten million firefliesLit up the world as I fell asleep -Owl City

So we have talked about this wonderful photograph I have seen on Pinterest.   
Last night I went on a walk with my best friend and her 2 sons. They were riding their bikes. Every time any of us would see a firefly or as they have called them water bugs and fightning bugs! We were successful in grabbing them but not on getting it on J’s finger….there were some bug casualties. My camera at first would not focus…

Then my flash went off! Seriously though look at those huge eyes! The picture with the bug might be a fail but that kids GINORMOUS brown eyes are the best!

This weekend we are going on a mission! We are catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar…the we are sitting down until we get the perfect picture!!!! Fingers crossed that it happens!

Until next time! 

Question tell what you think about this? – Destinys Child

 Working in an elementary school I get a lot of art projects from kids. Since I absolutely love my job I love every single piece of paper that is given to me. I have papers with stick people on them, cars, boats, writing, everything! I now just hang them on the fridge or put them in a collapsible folder thing… The things like an accordion! I am trying to think of a good way to display them for a little bit and rotate them out. Which option do you guys like more? I like the ease of the first one but the second one looks so nice and finished!  

Help me decide!

I am going to be loading you up on questions and I hope you guys answer them! I have an old bike wheel that my friend found at a flee market. It is amazing and I love it but I am not sure if I should hang pictures on it like this!  

Or is I should hang pots and pans on it like this!

  I personally like the picture one more I think…what is your guys opinion?

Last question is…. HOW DO PEOPLE GET PHOTOS LIKE THESE!? Seriously they are amazingly beautiful photography! I am almost to the point of buying an expensive camera because I love this so much!  


I added that last one in there just for me lol!

Please answer these questions for me! I will be forever grateful!

Until next time!



Let the rain fall down, I’M COMING CLEAN. – Hilary Duff

The title of this post has a double meaning…coming clean….I have to come clean and fess up to something …. I FAILED MY STENCIL! Failed may be the understatement. 

I had started work on my cart and put the stencil on. 

My mother decided she wanted to help…then she felt bad because it did not work…failure!  The stencil didn’t stick down like it said it would. The paint bled and it was not good. I had to re paint it purple and now I am thinking I may just distress it a little. Not sure….. I need input guys please!!! I am up for anything right now! Should I get a big stencil of the letter “M” for my last name? That’s my only thoughts!

Next since I failed so hard on the cart I figured I would attempt to do one of my canvas! At first I was once again super duper discouraged because I painted my canvas gold! Awesome rights? Well the paint looked blotchy and just makes me angry. Grrrrr! Then I still brought it inside and started to put my quote on it! “Hilary Duff is NEVER wrong”. All was going well until I got to the word wrong…who here is a dork and misspelled wrong? This guy! So then I had to go back outside and paint that part again!  

I realize this isn’t perfect but I am already going to get weird looks because of it anyway! Now all I have to do it rewrite the word “wrong” not wrong!


I tried filling in the letters and… marker quit working….I had to call in the reinforcements. My best friend had a huge marker and that’s what I used!!

Here is my final outcome! It turned out pretty good! I am happy with it! No one else will get this but that is why I like it!

This week I am once again kind of busy so I probably will do a few inspiration posts! 

Until next time!